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Becca Davis, practices holistic health and wellness in connection through touch, energy, spirituality and earth based wisdom. By being on a healing path, Becca holds space for others to awaken the healer within, while shining a light on the unseen magic of everyday life. 


In Hinduism, Namaste (nah-məs-tay) means "I bow to the divine in you." The word Mami, slang for Mother, in reference to our Mother Earth, the embodiment of the Goddess of Fertility and the sacred mountains. Hence, Namaste Mami is the idea that the divine in me honors and sees the divine in you, and that we are divinely connected by and to our Mother Earth.

Musings + Rituals

Serving as insight and inspiration as you embark on your journey within finding peace of mind, and support through these post, take what medicine resonates with you and leave the rest.

 I am here to help you thrive and to live with sacred intention as your compass.

Offered in-person in San Francisco/Bay Area and other locations upon request.

Travel fee for at-home healing sessions depends on the distance.

Healing Spaces located in Oakland, San Francisco, & San Rafael.

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