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Interconnectedness of being

I feel you in the morning light

as it soaks upon my skin.

Awakened from my dreaming slumber, I feel you.

And as I hear the morning birds sing, I feel you.

In the warm summer breeze,

as it encapsulates my body,

I feel you in the sunset hours.

When I lay upon your chest and listen to your heartbeat,

do I have to let you go?

I feel you when I'm alone inside my heart

I feel you even when we are miles apart,

I feel you in the pain and sorrow,

you pick me up and bring me hope for a better tomorrow.

You never fail to put a smile on my face,

even when you act with such disgrace.

Because I am me, I am you, and I am we,

wrapped up in the beauty and the divinity.

#divineintervention #love #poetry

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